The word “Chem” is post-apocalyptic slang for “drug”. A chem is any chemical, medicinal or otherwise, used to effect changes in a person’s behavior or biological systems. Many differnt types of chems exist in the wastes, all of which have different effects on a character and many carry the risk of addicition (See Below).

Some drugs are so potent that anyone using them runs the risk of becoming addicted. This change is represented as a percentage in the chem’s description. Whenever a potentially addictive chem’s effect wears off, the user must roll to see if they have become addicted. Simply roll the percentile dice to detemine the effect. If the character becomes addicted they immediately suffer the effects of addicition as listed in the chem’s description unless they receive another does. Any time the character is not under the effect of the drug they will continue to suffer these efffects. They still gain the normal benefit of the drug while addicted.

In order to cure an addiction a character may do so if they receive medical care from a doctor. This treatment is a combination of phycological and/or chemical detox treatments and requires a minimum of 24 hours to complete. A player character may attempt this if they can perform a Treat Injury check (DC 30) and a fully stocked medical facility or a detox kit.

If a character wishes to quit cold-turkey, they must wait out the effect of the addiction for the duration listed in the description. When the duration has run its course the character is no longer addicted. At the end of each 24 hour period they are under the addicition’s negative effects they may make a WILL or FORT save equal to 25 minus the number of days you have been addicted after the first day (minimum 10). For example; if you have been addicted for only 24 hours the save DC is 25, but after three days is only 15.

If at any time during this period the character receives another does of the drug they must begin the entire detox period again!

There are also a few temporary measures a character can take to ignore the effects of addiction. First is to take a dose of Fixer, a chem that allows you to completely negate the penalties imposed by the addiction for a few hours. In a pinch, though, they can also attempt a WILL or FORT save (DC 25) to shrug off the effects for one round of combat.

Chem Descriptions

Type; Ingested
Effect; Gain +2 STR, +2 CON, and 10 Temporary HP. Once the effect ends you immediately lose 10 HP. If you have less than 10 HP left after the effect ends, you are instead reduced to 1.
Duration; 10 Rounds
Addiction; 20% (-2 STR, -2 CON) 5 Days

Type; Ingested
Effect; Ignore the effects of all chem addictions
Duration; 1d4 Hours

Type; Ingested
Effect; Heal 1 point of Ability Damage (1d4 with a Treat Injury check DC15)
Duration; Instant
Addicition; 10% (-4 CON) 4 Days

Type; Inhaled
Effect; Gain one extra Move or Standard action in combat before the end of your next turn
Duration; 1 Round
Addiction; 20% (-2 DEX, -2 CHA) 5 Days

Type; Injected
Effect; Gain DR 2/-
Duration; 10 rounds
Addiction; 10% (-2 INT, -2 DEX) 4 Days

Type; Ingested
Effect; Gain +2 INT, +2 WIS
Duration; 10 rounds
Addicition; 5% (-2 INT, -2 WIS) 3 Days

Type; Injected
Effect; Gain RR 2
Duration; 10 rounds

Type; Ingested
Effect; Heal 1d4 points of Radiation Damage
Duration; Instant

Type; Injected
Effect; Heals 1d8 HP – Treat Injury Check DC (15); Target gains HP equal to the amount the user exceeds the Check (minimum 1 HP)
Druation; Instant

Super Stimpak
Type; Injected
Effect; Heals 2d8+4 HP, but user suffers –1 STR and –1 DEX
Duration; Instant (HP) / 1d4 Rounds (Penatlies)



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