Mosquito's Sniper Rifle

"Don't worry; you'll just feel a little prick... then it's all over."

weapon (ranged)

This weapon uses the stats for the Dragunov SVDK (Weapons Locker pg 89)

Damage: 2d10 Magazine: 10 Box
Critical: 20 Size Large
Damage Type: Ballistic Weight: 11 lbs
Range Increment: 110 ft (165 w/ scope) Rate of Fire: S

Due to the weapon’s high quality of manufacture, this rifle is considered Mastercraft and grants a +1 bonus on attack rolls.

It also come equiped with a custom scope (Range x1.5) and a bipod (+1 to attack on the first attack of a round).

Over the years Mosquito has also managed to make several modifications to the rifle, making the weapon collapsible and easily hidden from prying eyes. At any time a character aware of the weapon’s collapsible nature can disassemble the weapon into a handful of miscellaneous metal and wooden pieces. These parts are unidentifiable to those without detailed knowledge of firearms, requiring a Knowledge (Weapons) check of 14 to realize their true purpose. Reassembling the rifle requires another full round action.


Mosquito's Sniper Rifle

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