Pipboy 3000


The Pip-Boy 3000 is an electronic Personal Information Processor (PIP) manufactured by RobCo Industries in the mid-21st century. It is considered a standard piece of equipment for anyone living in one of the numerous Vaults scattered throughout the country. It has been programmed by Pip-Boy developers with numerous functions which include displaying a wearer’s health status, area maps, inventory, item properties, and a Geiger counter. In addition, a Pip-Boy is equipped with a radio and its screen doubles as a lamp.

Built-In Equipment

Data Organizer; The Pipboy 3000 contains a series of data recording devices that allow a user to store any recorded information encountered for later use. Data can be downloaded from computers, holotapes, robots, or any other electronic source, and includes audio and text files, as well as passwords and encription/decription software. The device can also scan text from non-electronic sources, like magazines and books, but it takes one minute to scan each item.

To store electronic information in a Pipboy, a user need only connect the two devices via a common access port on the Pipboy or through a wireless connection. If such an access is not available on the intended device, then the user must succeed on a Computer check (typically DC 15) to create a connection via other means.

Navigational GPS; Each Pipboy is designed with an integrated navigational GPS. This allows the Pipboy to continuously scan the area and create a digital map for its user. This grants the user a +2 Equipment Bonus on Navigate checks.

Pipboy Light; A Pipboy’s user can activate a special light built into the device’s display that acts as a flashlight. This light projects outwards to area of 15 feet, and requires a move action to activate.

Additional Functions

In addition to the above abilities, a Pipboy can be programed with one of the following programs. This extra option must be chosen at creation and once programed, cannot be changed.

1 – Advanced GPS; Enhanced navigational software improved the device’s ability to pinpoint the user’s exact destination and provide the most direct route. When using a Pipboy to navigate, the user gains an additional +4 bonus (for a total of +6). Further, if the user has the exact coordinates of their destination input into the device, the bonus increases to +10!

2 – Equipment Scanner; The scanning devices built into a Pipboy 3000 allow it to identify and display any data concerning items or equipment encountered by its user. If the user takes a full-round action to identify an item, the Pipboy displays all information for the scanned object, including name, weight, damage (for weapons), and defence value (for armor). This option can only be used on items that are unattended; the Pipboy cannot scan the gun a raider is firing at you.

Anyone using a Pipboy to scan an item can reduce the nonproficient penalty of weapons by 2 (to a total of –2) or increase the nonproficient bonus of armor by +1. A user can only benefit from one of these options at a time.

3 – Medical Diagnostic Readout; A Pipboy programmed with this option contains an advanced medical scanner designed for professional doctors or surgeons. This scanner can diagnose a wide variety of diseases and other maladies, and can offer suggestions for treatment. A user with this option gains a +4 to all Treat Injury checks and can heal an additional 1d6 HP when using a Stimpak or other healing item.


Pipboy 3000

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