Rembrandt's Armored Lab Coat

"Done! Oops, hang on a sec... Now it's done!"


This simple lab coat has been fortified to protect the wearer from the basic hazards of the watseland, granting its wearer a +1 Armor bonus to AC. Rembrandt’s Lab Coat is considered Light Armor and does not incur any Armor Check Penalty.

The many pockets of the coat are filled with miscellaneous wires, nuts, bolts, gears, and other bits and pieces. These supplies grant the wearer a +1 Equipment bonus to all Parts Checks when attempting to build a new item.

Also, anyone wearing Rembrandt’s Lab Coat may reroll any Craft or Repair Check once per day. They may then choose to use the higher of the two rolls.


Rembrandt's Armored Lab Coat

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