The Gambler's Loaded Dice

"Hey, look; lucky 7! What do I w-" BOOM!

weapon (ranged)

These large, bright-red novelty dice look innocent enough, but throw them into a crowded room and see what happens!

Each pair of Loaded Dice actually contain a small amount of non-lethal explosives designed to temporarily dissorient or distract enemies. Then thrown, they act like normal Stun Grenades;

“A stun grenade deals no damage, but any creature within its 15-foot burst radius that fails a Reflex save (DC 18) must immediately make a Fortitude save (DC 15) or be stunned for 1d4 rounds. A creature that succeeds on the Reflex save is not required to make a Fortitude save and is unaffected by the grenade. A stun grenade has no effect on robots and other creatures immune to stunning effects.” -d20 Future

However, due to their innocent appearance all targets suffer a -2 penalty to the initial Reflex save. Anyone attempting to hide the weapon with a Slight of Hand check also gains a +5 bonus to the check. They’ll never see it coming!

Creating a pair of Loaded Dice requires a Craft (Explosives) check (DC 20) to create the explosive payload, and a Craft (Mechanical) check (DC 15) to create the metal casings. Building a set also requires 4 junk parts (for the casings) and 4 electronic parts (for the detonators).


The Gambler's Loaded Dice

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