Wasteland Weapons (Melee)

weapon (melee)

Wateland Weapons are assembled from the miscellaneous garbage found across the wasteland. Imaginated (or desperate) scavengers have learned how to create weapons that are both deadly and easy to maintain. To repair a Wasteland Weapon a player can reduce the Repair Check by 5. The repairs also require 1 fewer “Part” than normal. Each Wasteland Weapon requires the “Wasteland Weapon Proficiency” feat in order to use them.

Name Damage Critical Type Range Size
Brain Buster 1d8/1d6 19-20 Bldg Large
Ratchet 1d8 20 Bldg/Pierce Med
Sawblade Axe 1d12 19-20 Slash Large
Auto Axe 3d6 20 Slash Large
Shishkebob 1d10 19-20 Slash Med
Claw Gauntlet 1d6 20 Pierce Small
Bumper Sword 1d10 20 Slash 10 Large


Brain Buster; This weapon is little more than a six-foot piece of rebar with scrap metal welded onto both ends, turning it into a crushing club. It can be used as a double weapon, incuring all the normal penalties of fighting with a light off-hand weapon. Also, on a successful critical hit the target is stunned for a number of rounds equal to the user’s STR modifier.

Ratchet; Favored by raiders for its brutal simplicity, this weapon consists of a short length of pipe with nails, bolts, and screws attached to the end. Half of the damage dealt by this weapon is Bludgeoning, and half is Piercing. The sharp metal also causes enemies struck with the weapon to bleed for 1/2 the damage dealt on their next turn (this additional damage is only applied once, regardless of how many times the target has been struck with the weapon).

Sawblade Axe; Take a buzz-saw blade, cut it in half, and wld the the pieces to the end of a metal rod and you have a Sawblade Axe. The sharp teeth of this weapon are perfect for tearing through flesh and light armor; when attacking an enemy wearing light or no armor add +2 to the damage dealt.

Auto Axe; This wicked machine is comprised of parts salvaged from abandoned cars. The spinning blade can tear through most objects with ease, doubling the damage dealt to objects. The weapon is so heavy, however, that attacking with it is a Full-Round Action.

Shishkebob; The backpack attached to this sword is filled with gasoline or some other flamable liquid. By opening the valve on the sword’s handle and squeezing the lever attached to the handle the user can ignite the blade in a fire blaze! While active the weapon deals an additional 1d6 fire damage. The tank holds enough fuel to last for 10 rounds before refueling.

Claw Gauntlet; This simple glove is covered by dozens of sharp teeth and claws taken from wild predators. A character wearing this gauntlet is treated as armed and they can add the weapon’s damage to their unarmed damage

Bumper Sword; The blade of this massive sword is made from an old automobile bumper, flattend adn sharpend to a razor’s edge. Due to the long handle, anyone using this weapon can choose to attack an enemy 10 feet away with it. You cannot make a reach attack and a normal attack in the same round with this weapon.


Wasteland Weapons (Melee)

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