Wasteland Weapons (Ranged)

weapon (ranged)

Wateland Weapons are assembled from the miscellaneous garbage found across the wasteland. Imaginated (or desperate) scavengers have learned how to create weapons that are both deadly and easy to maintain. To repair a Wasteland Weapon a player can reduce the Repair Check by 5. The repairs also require 1 fewer “Part” than normal. Each Wasteland Weapon requires the “Wasteland Weapon Proficiency” feat in order to use them.

Name Dam Crit Type Range Size Cap Reload
Disc Shooter 1d10 20 Slash 30 Med 1 Move
Rock Launcher 2d6 20 Pierce 10 Med 1 Full
Rock Launcher, Heavy 2d8 20 Pierce 20 Large 1 Full
Railway Rifle 2d6 20 Pierce 30 Large 8 Move
Dart Gun 1d4 20 Pierce 20 Small 1 Move

Disc Shooter; This makeshift crossbow fires sharp metal discs made from crushed cans, lightweight gears, small saw blades, or anything else small, flat and round. These discs have a tendancy to embed themselves in the flesh of their targets. Whenever you score a critical hit with the Disc Shooster the disc embeds itself in the target dealing one point of CON damage untill it is removed. Removing the disc requires either a Treat Injury check (DC 20) or STR check (DC 15). Removing the disc with a STR check deals an additional 1d4 points of damage.

Rock Launcher; Using compressed CO2 to fire rocks or anything else the size of your fist, this weapon is loaded like an old-fashione musket. Since the ammunition is mostly discarded junk you don’t actually have to pay for it, but the CO2 cannisters only have enough air for 10 shots before being replaced.

Rock Launcher, Heavy; A larger version of the Rock Launcher, this weapon can fire larger projectiles and is powered by a large oxygen tank strapped to the user’s back. Like its smaller cousin you don’t have to pay for the ammunition, but the tank only has enough compressed gas for 12 shots.

Railway Rifle; A steam-powered rifle capable of fire rail spikes at high velocity, this gun was designed to punch through heavy armor. When attacking an enemy wearing medium or heavy armor you gain a +2 bonus to the attack roll.

Dart Gun; Designed to be compact and dangerous, this gun is designed to launch a single poison-coated dart. The dart can deliver any type of poison to the target in addition to its normal damage, but since the darts lack penetrating power the user takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls when firing at targets wearing medium or heavy armor.


Wasteland Weapons (Ranged)

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