Fallout; The Ville

Sometimes Opportunity Just Falls Into Your Lap...

In the year 2278, over two hundred years after the bombs fell during the Great War, life has managed to scrape by in the blasted remnants of Washington DC. These Capital Wastes were the battlefield for a great struggle between two old world powers, the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave. Despite the power wielded by these two formidable groups, it was the actions of a single vault dweller, the Lone Wanderer, that would determine the outcome of the war.

Thanks to the Wanderer’s intervention the scales were tipped in favor of the Brotherhood and Enclave was driven from the Capital Wasteland. Their headquarters at Adams Air Force Base was annihilated by atomic fire, forcing them far beyond the wastes and from the reach of their conquerors. Now the Brotherhood can turn its attention to helping the survivors living in our former capitol, and with the clean water provided by the newly activated Project Purity life can finally begin to flourish in the wastes.

Yet the Lone Wanderer’s adventure was not yet complete, as the urge to explore is a harsh and demanding mistress. Not long after the Wanderer had resigned to the boring life of a celebrity a mysterious ship arrived in the Patomac River. The ship, the Duchess Gambit, had given the Wanderer an opportunity to visit the strange land called Point Lookout and a new chance for adventure and excitement! The journey would be long and perilous, but it would be worth it! Of course, now the Wasteland would be in need of new heroes…

Heroes like YOU!

And there is always opportunity for heroes here in the wasteland.

Not two days ago a strange aricraft flew over the major settlements of the Capital. It’s engines roared overhead as it dropped hundreds of brightly colored fliers onto the villages below, each one claiming “The Opportunity of a Lifetime” for those brave enough to venture out and find the old world city of Baltimore. Waiting in the ruined city is the old International Airport, undamaged by the bombs, waiting with open arms for all visitors! If you make it there you could be the first person in generations to travel across the country in the grandest of fashion; flying through the skies in a functonal airplane! The instructions are clear; pack one bag, bring plenty of caps, and MIND THE SIGNS. Are you in?

What wonders await you in this new city? Where will your adventure lead if you survive? Who made this amazing offer, and why? And just what the heck are you waiting for?!

Oh, and which way is Baltimore, anyway?


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