Ever since the bombs fell in the Great War radiation has been one of the greatest threats to survivors… well, after raiders, starvation, crazed cultists, rogue military factions, and mutants. Radiation is practially everywhere; in old blasted buildings, seeping through rusted bulkheads, poisoning the water, and even hanging in thick clouds of dust. Some creatures are living conduits for atomic energy, and even a few malicious wastelanders have learned to use it as a weapon. Radiation slowly eats away at living creature, buring their flesh and wracking their bodies with cancerous tumors. Though it is possible to adjust to small doses of it, everyone in the post-war wasteland suffers from its invisible touch. So too do any PC’s in the campaign world.

Radiation Damage
Whenever a character is exposed to radiation, it will appear as Radiation Damage. This special damage is tracked separately from HP damage, similar to Non-Lethal damage. Most of the time this will occur as a form of radiant damage sustained while in an irradiated location, but it can also be delivered through certain weapons and some creatures’ special attacks. Regardless of how it is encountered it will always have the same effect. Radiation Damage does not heal when a character sleeps, uses a Stimpak, or through any other method of injury treatment. It can be healed, however, by a few special sources (See “Healing Radiation Damage” below).

Radiation Score
Every character in “Fallout; the Ville” has a Radiation Score. This number indicates their current level of radiation and is equal to the amount of radiation damage they have sustained. For every point of Radiaition Damage they receive, that character’s Radiation Score goes up. If the character heals some or all of their Radiation Damage, the score goes down accordingly as well. This score is very important to anyone exploring the wasteland because it determines when they will suffer from Radiation Sickness.

Radiation Sickness
As a character suffers more Radiation Damage, they run the risk of falling victim to Radiation Sickness. This condition takes on multiple forms, but for the sake of gameplay we will represent these effects with a series of status ailments that grow more debilitating as the radiation levels increase. To determine when a character will suffer Radiation Sickness simple compare their current Radiation Score to their CON Score; when the character’s total radiation level equals a certain fraction of their CON, then the negative effects will begin (always round down when determinig at what level these effects occur). The effects are cumulative.

Level Radiation Skill Attack Saves CON DEX STR
Minor ¼ CON -1 -1 -1 -1 N/A N/A
Moderate ½ CON -2 -2 -2 -2 -1 N/A
Severe ¾ CON -3 -3 -3 -3 -2 -1
Lethal* = CON
  • If a character’s Radiation Damage is ever equal to or greater than their Constitution Score, they are completely consumed by radiation and DIE.

For Example; a character with a CON of 18 would need to suffer 4 points of Radiation Damage (¼ of 18 = 4.5, rounded down) before suffering minor sickness, 8 points for moderate, and 12 points for severe. 18 points would kill the character.

Alternate Radiation Rules
If you want to alter the how much radiation a character can absorb before becoming ill, then there are several ways to adjust the radiation rules.

One option is to use a character’s HP total to determin their radiation level instead of their CON. This means that radiation is far more deadly to lower level characters, but as the heroes go out and become adjusted to the wasteland they can absorb greater amounts of radioactive energy before suffering any adverse effects.

Another alternate method is to double the character’s CON score when determining their radiation level. Going back to the previous example, a character with an 18 CON would need to suffer 9 points of Radiation Damage (¼ of 36) before becoming sick at all, and 36 points would be lethal.

Healing Radiation Damage
While Radiation Damage does not heal naturally over time, there are still multiple ways to treat the condition.

RadAway heals Radiation Damage, much like a Stimpak heals normal damage. In this case, anyone who consumes one dose of RadAway heals 1+1d4 Radiation Damage. A successful Treat Injury chack (DC 15) can increase this amount by an additional 1d4 points.

A character that lacks a dose of RadAway can attempt to find alternative methods for treating radiation. This requires a successful Treat Ijury check (DC 20) to heal 1d4 points of radiation damage, and can only be attempted by someone with at least 10 ranks in the skill. This treatment takes one hour per point of radiation damage healed.

There are many natural remedies for treating radiation, and a character with at least 10 ranks in Survival can attempt a holistic treatment (DC 20). Success indicates the character was able to heal 1d4 Radiation Damage. This treatment takes one hour per point of radiation damage healed.

Of course, if all else fails, you can always pay a doctor to take care of your radiation… if you can find one, that is.

Radiation Resistance (RR)
Sometimes the best way to avoid Radiation Damage is to avoid its source all together. When that isn’t an option, there are several ways to protect yourself. Many types of clothing or armor are made to withstand large amounts of radiation. These items grant their wearer Radiation Resistance, the special ability to ignore one or more points of Radiation Damage. The better the item is at keeping out radiation, the higher its RR. This function a lot like DR, in that it reduces any Radiation Damage the character may receive. Simply subtract the item’s RR from any Radiation Damage you may be subject to, and any remaining damage is applied as normal. There are also several special Chems or other consumables that can grant temporary RR to a character, and their effects stack with any worn items.


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