Wasteland Races

These are the typical humans found living in the wastelands. They are much like you and I, though their harsh lives have left them a bit more adaptable than modern humans. They have learned how to exist amid the violence of the Fallout world, and while they do not necessarilly thrive, they are capable of adjusting to the hazards they face.

Bonus Feat; All Humans begin play with one additional Bonus Feat of their choice. They must still meet any requirements for the feat.
Skillful; Humans have a nack for learning and hanging on to useful information, so each Human character gain +2 Skill Points Per Level. They can also add one additional skill to their list of Class Skills.
Human Adaptability; The Human species is known for its ability to adapt to many different environments and roles. All Human characters begin play with an additional 2 Ability Points that can be used to increase their Ability Scores.

Sometime a human lacks the comfort and security of the stable (or at least as stable as possible) environment afforded by the larger settlements that dot the countryside. They are forced to live alone and learn how to live off the land around them. Their bodies become stronger and grow tolerant to low levels of radiaiton. They even learn how to fashion their own deadly weapons out of the junk found in pre-war ruins. However, their lack of a stong social background leaves them unprepared for dealing with other survivors.

Abilities; +2 STR, DEX, or CON. Wastelanders have learned to rely on their bodies more than their minds, preffering to strike hard, endure their enemies attacks, and avoid detection.
Rad Tolerance; Ignore 1 point of Radiation Damage. Wastelanders spend so much time scouring the wastes that they have become adjusted to low levels of radiation.
Wasteland Weapon; Gain the “Wasteland Weapon Proficiency” feat for one weapon of your choice. You also begin play with that weapon. Many Wastelanders have found that the best means of self-defense can be made from the least threatening garbage littering the floors of abandoned buildings.
Uncultured; -4 to all CHA Skills except Intimidate. Most Wastelanders don’t spend a lot of time around other humans, so their social skills are left undedeveloped. Their blunt and sometimes savage ways, however, can seem threatening to other survivors.

Vault Dweller
Across the country a series of high-tech bunkers called Vaults were sealed to protect their occupants from the Great War. Today their decendants still live on, sometimes venturing out into the mysterious ruins beyond their Vault’s door. Those who grew up in a Vault were fortunate enough to have benefitted from a formal education, giving them much needed skills in the harsh post-apocalyptic world outside, though their isloated lives leave them unadjusted to the threat of disease. They also have access to unique devices call Pipboys, wrist mounted computeres with numerous useful programs.

Abilities; +2 INT, WIS, or CHA. The highly social environment of a Vault promotes the development of the mind, either in interaction with others or the pursuit of knowledge.
Vault Education; All Knowledge Skills are Class Skills, +3 to any one skill. The formal education provided in many Vaults grants Vault Dwellers a wide range of knowledge and skills, moreso than anyone else in the wasteland.
Pipboy; All Vault Dwellers begin play with a Pipboy 3000. This is considered standard equipment for all those born and raised in a Vault, and they learn to use it in most aspects of their lives.
Weakend Immune System; -4 on FORT Saves vs Disease/Poison. After spending most of their lives in the seal environment of a Vault, most Vault Dewllers’ immune systems are realatively weak when compared to those who live outside.

Radiation is a normal part of everyone’s life in the wasteland. It seeps through walls, drips from forgotten barrels, and hangs in the air. For most, this is merely one of many hazards to overcome in life, but to a few it represents the beginning of a new and strange life. Those exposed to massive amounts of radiation but lack the good fortune to die, they become Ghouls, creatures who now find comfort in the radioactive ruins. Their lives extend well beyond normal human limits, but their flesh slowly rots away giving them the appearance of walking corpses. While this makes it difficult to interact with non-ghouls, their transformation has given them the strange ability to absorb radiation and heal their wounds!

Abilities; -1 CHA, +1 to any other Ability. Ghouls are just as adaptable as the humans they once were, but their decayed appearance makes it difficult for them to interact with others.
Ghoul Familiarity; Due to their unique similarities and communal bonds, ghouls are typically trusting of one another and eager to help. As such all Ghouls gain +2 to all CHA based Skills when dealing with other ghoulsGhouls. In addition, all Feral Ghouls are considered “Friendly” and will not immediately attack them (though they will still retaliate if attacked).
Radiation Healing; Whle it is not entirely understood what causes Ghoulification, it is agreed that intense radiation is key. Ghouls are transformed in such a way that they are not only immune to the negative efftects of radiation, but they are also healed by it! Whenever exposed to Radiation Damage, Ghouls take no damage. Instead heal HP equal to ½ the indicated damage (Minimum 1 HP)
Deadend Nerves; Enemies receive a –4 Penalty to attack rolls when confirming Crits against you. The slow decay of a Ghoul’s flesh leaves many of the surface nerves unresponsive to pain. This occasionally allows a Ghoul to shrug off an otherwise deadly injury.

Super Mutant
Super mutants are mutated humans, products of infection by the Forced Evolutionary Virus, (or F.E.V.). They are much taller, bulkier and muscular than pure strain humans, have (mostly) green, gray, or yellowish skin, are immune to disease and radiation, and are gifted with superhuman strength and endurance. Although they are completely sterile, the rapid regeneration of their cells caused by FEV makes them biologically immortal (but not immune to death from injury). Unfortunately, most Super Mutants are little more than simple-minded brutes at best, or psychotic monsters at worst.

Abilities; -4 CHA, -4 INT, +4 STR, +4 CON. Super Mutants are big, strong, and tough creatures. Yet the tranformation often leaves the mutant with severely reduced brain power.
Powerful Build; A Super Mutant is considered a Large creature whenever doing so may benefit them, including grappling, bull rush, and trip attempts. Their actual size does not change.
Super Mutant Immunities; All Super Mutants are immune to the effects of radiation and all diseases. The FEV has modified the creature’s natual immune system to far superior levels.
Regeneration; Each round a Super Mutant heals 1 HP. A Super Mutant heals damaged cells at an accelerated level, making them difficult to damage.
Large Frame; Super Mutants’ bodies are so large that most conventional clothing and armors do not fit them properly. As a result they can only wear Makeshift Armors. It is possible to modify an existing armor to make it fit a Super Mutant, but doing so requires 10 units of junk parts and a Craft (Armor) check (DC 15). Powered armor cannot be modified in this manner.
Feared by Humans; Due to their reputation throughout the wasteland most humans fear, or at least distrust, Super Mutants. As a result, all human NPCs begin as “Unfriendly” towards Super Mutant characters.

Level Adjustment +1

Wasteland Races

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