Protector Wrenn

Outcast Protector, with a really big gun.


Jonathan Wrenn was born into the Brotherhood of Steel, and raised in the ways of the Brotherhood. He and his brother Thomas Wrenn both volunteered at the age of 16 to accompany Owyn Lyons on the trek east. Lyons took a liking to the eagerness of the brothers, and accepted their offer. Wrenn fought long and hard alongside his comrades during the long trip and then in the founding of the Citadel.

When Henry Casdin started showing his dissent at the new objective, Jonathan was slightly torn. His brother was backing Casdin’s plans religiously. Jonathan was sympathetic toward Elder Lyon’s new goals, however also felt that they were betraying the core values. Jonathan thought it would be better for everyone involved if both groups could reach a compromise of some kind, using the combined forces to achieve both goals as best as possible. Ultimately, Jonathan sided with his brother and become a founding member of the Outcasts. Jonathan Wrenn soon was known as Protector Wrenn, while his brother was Defender Wrenn.

When the leaflets started raining down in the Wasteland, the Outcasts were buzzing. New technology that they could use, potentially for great effect. Whoever was flying it was obviously not worthy of its ownership, showboating it around like he was. It was determined that someone should go, see what was up. Either take the trip wherever it lead and see what could be found, or take the plane by force, hopefully doing both.

It was decided that Jonathan would go, being that his temperament might allow him to deal better with the outsiders, which may be a necessity for this job. He accepted it and set out on his mission.

Protector Wrenn

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