The Gambler

A former NCR Ranger who managed to travel the wastes from one coast to the other.


The “Gambler” is somewhat of an enigma even to those companions he’s chosen to ally himself with. What is known about him is rather spectacular. He was born in Vault 21. Like most members of that particular vault, his parents had a strong compulsion to gamble and this was not a trait that skipped their only son. Around the age of 10 his family moved west into the NCR territories for a reason that he never really understood. Not wanting their son to be a “drain” on society, his parents groomed him to be a soldier for the NCR. Being a highly intelligent child, he took to the training with ease.

His NCR career is mostly still classified, and the parts that aren’t he doesn’t really like to talk about. His gambler attitude towards missions and his ability to more often than not pull them off led to him get selected for the Rangers. As part of the NCR’s elite fighting force, he fought and won at the first Battle of Hoover Damn. He was the only member of his unit that survived. His heroics in that battle led to him getting his picture in the newspaper. That picture and his armor are the only things from his former life that he still carries.

After that picture of him at Hoover Damn was taken, Gambler went straight to his CO and quit. As far at the NCR was concerned, he’d disappeared into the wastes. In point of fact, he headed east towards the Atlantic for no other reason that to see what was beyond the Rockies. If you want to hear some tales, ask him about his 2 year trek across the country.

Not only is gambler a former soldier, but he’s also an accomplished gunsmith and is pretty handy around anything mechanical in general. His skills don’t just stop with mechanical things, as a NCR Ranger, he had to create things for ops on the fly. Give him some junk and a few hours and he can make you most whatever you want. His pride and joy are the 2 revolvers that he carries named “Alice” and “Flo”. Alice for a girl that he left in California and Flo for a waitress he met in Kansas City. He’s also built a lever action rifle for hunting and long range work. Being the gambler, he came up with a ingenious little device. Those that have seen him fight know to turn away when the dice come out.

The Gambler

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